What Course Should I Do Next?

Most PT’s want to be excellent at they do. So naturally, you’re always on the lookout for the next course. The next thing you can do that will grow your skillset and really make the difference as a trainer.

Quite often I get asked for recommendations in terms of what course trainers should do next.

Because there’s a ton of them out there. There’s everything from the big lifts to nutrition to biochemistry to group classes. Theres a TON of information out there.

But here’s the problem I see constantly.

If you’ve been in the industry for more than 3 years – you are already in the top 2% of your cert 3/4 class.

By that standard, you’re already incredibly successful – you’re in the top 2% of people who study to enter the field.

So why do you feel like you constantly need to upskill? Because in one way, upskilling is a good thing.

But what’s far more likely to be going on in your head is:
“If I just have this one skillset, one certification, one qualification, one course insight, my business will be better”.

The constant search for more training is in an effort to fix your business problems.

Now look, don’t get me wrong. Constant skill growth IS important. But skill courses alone aren’t going to fix your business.

Let me ask you. Over the last 2 years, how many days and dollars have you invested in your education towards becoming a better trainer. Most quality trainers we speak to will have at least 30 days, and spent upwards of $10k.

Now, over the last 2 years, how many days and dollars have you invested in your education towards GROWING YOUR BUSINESS. I’m willing to bet it is a LOT less than what you’ve invested in technical skills training.

There’s a common cycle we see with many trainers in the industry. They’re incredible trainers, they’re maxed out with their time, and they’re taking home $1500 or less a week. If you’re a half decent trainer, you should be able to max your time out and earn well over $2400/week.

The problem isn’t your technical skills. It’s not your ability to train people.

The problem is your ability to conduct business. I’m talking about sales and marketing primarily.

You know how you constantly tell your clients that they can’t out-train a bad diet?
You also can’t grow your business with technical skills alone.

I’m not immune to this either. I’ve been there. I’ve been that trainer.

I’ve been the guy doing a ton of sessions looking at all the other people who are killing it – wondering what they are doing that I’m not.

For a long time, FMA has been well known for world class technical training.
Over the last 12 months, we’ve been doing way more than just technical training.

The answer, for us, has been more consistent sales and marketing. To get better at the business side of our business.

So to help you guys out – I’ve been able to pull together a webinar with one of the greatest minds on the planet when it comes to sales – Gulliver Giles. Working with Gulliver, many of our mastermind clients have been able to sell $15k, $20k, $30k worth of training packages…. in a day.

It’s happening on the Thursday 11th Jan, 10am

Imagine what your business would look like if you did those sales figures that once a month, or once a week.

For myself, and for our mastermind clients – Gulliver’s philosophy and technique on sales has changed everything. We went from feeling weird and pushy about sales to authentically presenting what we do and the value it provides.

So, together, we’ll be running a webinar to start building your sales muscle. So you can get clients coming in far more consistently. To have more PT clients. More clients into your gym. So you can build the business you want.

Because you can have all the coaching skills in the world – but if you can’t consistently get clients, you’re always going to struggle