Becoming the hybrid trainer

The allied health world is screaming for practitioners who can bridge the gap

That can bridge the gap between rehabilitation and strength and conditioning

  • The gap between conventional, science based knowledge and practical implementation.
  • The gap between allied health rehabilitation, strength and conditioning.

But those two worlds don’t just bolt together…. they speak a different language.  They come from different training backgrounds and thought processes — but they NEED to work together to get clients the best results.

Become The Go-To Trainer

If you want more clients.

If you want to be more valuable.

If you want to step up and be better … all that starts with actually being better. With being a better trainer. With developing better knowledge and skills.

Too many trainers put the cart before the horse

You need to be able to actually train and help your clients get results — not just use cookie cutter methods in an attempt to solve problems.

You’ve got to know your stuff. Inside out, backwards and forwards, with a WIDE range of clients.

Especially if you’re working in a gym and 90% of your clients are general pop clients with a huge range of backgrounds, goals, restrictions and limitations.


You’ve got to have a range of tools at your disposal — so you can use the right one, at the right time, for the right problem.
After all, to the man with the hammer, everything is a nail.

There’s a ton of ‘fake-it till you make-it’ trainers out there.

Trainers armed with a metaphorical hammer, and not much else.

Your prospects know this — and they’re looking for the real deal. They don’t care about Facebook likes, photo shoots or Instagram photos.

They’re looking for the trainer that can understand them and help them.

We develop fundamental principles, not methods

In order to get consistent and repeatable results, you can’t use the same methods with different clients. People are different — they’ve got different bodies, strengths and weaknesses. Principles allow you to apply the same rationale to different clients using methods that suit THEM.

Cookie cutter methods are what the amateurs use and teach. True masters rely on principles that have stood the test of time.

Honestly though, while we call them fundamentals, most trainers won’t have gone into the level of detail we do with our programs. Even if you’ve been in the industry for 5-10 years.

There’s a reason so many successful trainers have come through FMA.

You can’t fake real confidence

People listen to a confident trainer, people buy from a confident trainer.

We call it the Hybrid Trainer. Trainers who can confidently SHOW them where their problems are — and fix them

Will that trainer be you?

Become a Go-To Trainer