The Secret To High Ticket PT That Even Highly Skilled Gym Owners Mess Up

A lot of gym owners want to be the high end trainer that sells high end products.
To be the gym that is respected for looking after their clients and doing the right thing.

So rather than selling low cost sessions per week or per month
where the clients bounce between low cost, low value programs
you sell something far more valuable, far more expensive, far more fulfilling.

A huge percentage of the gym owners we speak to SAY they want to do this.
Everyone wants to be “the one” who makes this work at a high level.

But There’s A Dirty Secret Nobody Talks About.

You can’t just raise your prices.
You can’t just charge more for the same old thing you’ve always done.
You can’t just “work less” and “earn more”.

That’s not how this works.

The secret is this:

If You Want More, You First Need To Become More.

Want to earn 4x the hourly rate that you are right now and gain back hours in the day?
Want to roll out a semi-private model to high end clients?

You need to be willing to put in the work to be 4x as good as you are now.
You need be willing to overcome the fear and start creating offers that reflect your worth.

You need to have the knowledge and value to be able to help your client.
You need to have the experience to be able to deliver on your promises.


Most Trainers Are Not Skilled Enough To Run An Online Program or Retreat

Many gyms do not have staff that are highly skilled enough to convert to a high end semi-private gym.

I know its frustrating when you feel like you’re a higher quality trainer and you see your “competitors” doing way better than you.
It’s frustrating when their business is running rings around yours…. right?

When you’re experienced and have a ton of skills, you get to work smarter.
When you’re not, you don’t have that luxury.

…and I’m not just talking about your skills as a trainer.

You need to take your attention to detail, your care, your focus.
all those things you do with your client.
and apply that to your business.

Your marketing.
Your sales.
Your packaging and offers.

Because Right Now You’re Skipping Leg Day On Your Business

and wondering why your “competitors” are running circles around you on the field.

The answer isn’t fancy marketing or offers.
It’s doing the work.
It’s showing up and doing leg day. Time and time again.

But ultimately, there is no competition. Only competition against yourself.

Do you want to be better than you were yesterday?
Do you want to grow?

There’s lots of ways to do it. MOST will not be appropriate for your situation.

That’s why we created our report on the 7 highly profitable models you can bolt on to your gym right now. Offers and product types that are highly profitable – when you’ve got the skills to back it up.
But what if you feel like you don’t have the skills?

Does that mean you should just stick to low cost offers?
Actually, No.

It means you need to develop your skills AND offers at the same time. Many of these models you can apply in your gym right now, with your existing trainers – with your existing skillset.