This Is Why You’re Still Doing 30+ Hrs A Week On The Floor Of Your Gym, Even Though You’re The Owner

This Is Why You’re Still Doing 30+ Hrs A Week On The Floor Of Your Gym, Even Though You’re The Owner

When you opened your facility you thought it would be great. You’d hire people, you’d fill their books with PT and you’d keep the profits.

So you opened your facility.
You brought on trainers. They pay rent and do a few odd jobs around the place.
But their books are far from filled – and you know that if they’re only at your gym 2 days a week that they’re working somewhere else too.

You’d love to be able to employ them full time so they can be just yours and not working at a number of places – because if they leave, they take their clients with them.
But you can’t justify the expense right now as they don’t bring in enough work.

And if we’re super honest, they’re not as good as you.

If you were to hand off your clients to them, they wouldn’t feel like they are being looked after.
.. and the risk of a trainer poaching your hard earned clients is just too much.

So you just keep doing the PT and classes yourself.
To pay the bills.
To keep the doors open.

20-30-40 sessions a week.

Because if you don’t, you won’t be taking home any cash.

It’s no wonder you’re feeling tired.
You’re carrying the whole business on your back while also delivering to all your 1:1 clients.

Frankly, at this rate you might as well go back into a big box gym and keep coaching your clients.
You’d take home more money, and have far less stress.

We see trainers do this ALL the time. But who would blame them – in a way, it’s smart.

But that’s not why YOU opened your gym, was it.

You wanted to create something amazing.
You wanted to build a great experience for your clients.

But you’re realising you can’t do it all yourself.
Full time trainers cost money – and you can’t do MORE hours than you’re doing already to pay for them.
LOYAL trainers are even harder to find.
SKILLED trainers are a rarer breed still – with the best often going to open their own facilities…. right?

But that’s not your real problem.

On the outside, it looks like you’re killing it.
You’ve got a lot of clients. The gym looks busy. There’s a ton of trainers and staff.

But the reality of it is:

If you stopped PT, or cut back your hours, there’s literally nothing left for you – the owner.

This is why you’re putting off actually hiring employees and dancing around with hire and contract agreements that seem “cheaper”.
This is why the idea of coming off the floor and selling something higher ticket and more valuable is terrifying.

… because if you fail, there won’t be any profit for you.
… and you’re right.

Hiring people is scary. Stepping up and becoming more – to sell the programs and packages you’ve always dreamed of is scary.

But what if we could focus on something exciting, highly valuable and highly profitable that you could sell to your best, most loyal customers?
What if you could bring in the cash without having to do it all 1:1 face to face.

Because when you hit 40+ hrs a week 1:1 – you’ve got a choice.

You can keep doing the 1:1 and hope that it will somehow get better, when you’re seriously capping your earning potential and pretending that 1:1 is all that you can do well.


You can choose to step up your game and leverage. To step into your role as the OWNER and build the truely great gym that you’ve always wanted.

Yes, it will mean you can’t do it all yourself.
Yes, it will mean you will need to hire well and trust your team do be able to deliver
Yes, you will need to train and up-skill your people so they can be just as good – or even surpass your level of training skill.

And yes, it will be scary.

So to help you, we created a report on the top 7 profit models that you can bolt onto your facility right now. These are the top products and services that are leveraged and highly profitable – so you can bring in the cash to start doing these things. It’s not a one size fits all approach – it depends on your skill, background and the value you have to bring to the table – because doing online training is NOT recommended for 95% of trainers.






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