This Is Why More Skillset Training Won’t Grow Your Business

Upskill, Upskill, Upskill!

We hear PT’s rant on about their up skilling and all the courses in the world they’ve done.
But yet, you still charge what a “normal” PT charges.

Selling blocks of sessions, or sessions a week or two at a time. It’s sad to see such highly skilled practitioners who’ve done every course under the sun – who’ve trained legitimate world champions – still charging $50 for an hour of PT.

It’s madness – but it’s also incredibly sad.

“But that’s how much PT’s charge”
“That’s the most our clients will pay for a PT in my area”

Sure. If you say so. But while you keep telling yourself that, others who are far less skilled than you are running rings around your business.

We know very clearly the problem is not with skillset.

The problem is not with professional or skillset development.
We’re not even questioning your ability to get results. You know you’ve got that nailed.

The problem is the fact you still think you’re a PT.

We see it time and time again. When your skillset reaches a certain level – let’s say for example you’re coaching an olympian or a professional athlete.

You’re not really a PT now are you….
You’re not just counting reps and designing programs.

You do way more than just that.

You’re coaching them mentally for peak performance.
You’re diagnosing and problem solving individual issues that pop up with their training.
You’re communicating with allied health professionals and ensuring they get the best solutions for their problems.

Or at least you should be
… even if you’re not coaching professional athletes or olympians.

So why are you charging like every other PT?

Why are you constantly being compared to other PT’s in your industry, when you’re clearly head and shoulders above?

Because you’re setting yourself up to be compared.

You’re an eagle but you’re flapping around pretending to be a turkey in the sky full of turkeys.Your skillset and your ability to facilitate change has far outgrown your mindset around the value you offer.

But in a way, that’s a good thing.

It’s easily fixed – if you want to do the work.

The solution becomes being able to work on and develop your own mindset and understand your true value.

To understand what you TRUELY offer. Because it’s not PT.

Nobody who’s got 40+ sessions a week, full books and clients constantly asking for more is in the business of PT.

You’re in the transformation business.

The difference between the guys who are truely at the top of their game both professionally and business wise is the fact they know this. They know the value of a quality transformation.

They know what it takes and charge accordingly.

After a while, when you’ve got a decade of experience under your belt… when you’ve got the runs on the board and client results to show it – it’s time to work on your personal development – not just more professional skills in the hope your business will improve.

Most of the guys you look up to in the industry all know this – but not many explain when it’s time to make the transition.

So to help you we created a short video on how to build your personal development and how to know when you should be starting to charge more than the average PT. Because skillset and value is incredibly important, but how do you know when you’re good enough to start charging more than just the average PT.