Going Online Is Not The Answer To Growing Your PT Business.

Going Online Is Not The Answer To Growing Your PT Business.

There’s a natural progression many PT’s face when growing their business.

First, there’s not enough clients. You constantly focus on where the next clients are coming from. Times are lean – so you offer as much value as you can. Your own personal time 1:1, hands-on with the clients.

You develop your craft and start helping your clients achieve amazing results.

But then, you run into a problem. You start doing well.

Faced with 40+ 1:1 PT sessions a week, when you’re working 5 am through to late into the evening — all while trying to keep up with the business side of things in between clients, late nights, and weekends.

It’s no wonder you start looking for leverage. It’s no wonder you look for ways to be able to grow – without it meaning more of your personal time.

The obvious solution? Go online and take advantage of the many apps and training tools out there. Stop training as many people face to face, and let the internet sell people into a low-cost training program.

In most cases, this is a mistake.

Most trainers are at their best face to face, one on one – doing what they do best and having that personal connection with the client.

Online requires you to be able to do that all via a digital platform – which is a completely different game. It requires you to be incredibly good at your job.

Most trainers are NOT technically savvy. There’s a reason you got into lifting heavy things rather than studying computer science.

Going online means you’re going to need extensive experience running websites, online marketing, and membership sites. You’re way better off sticking to your strengths and working with people face to face.

But that’s not the real problem.

The real issue is you’re trying to jump 2-3 steps ahead without having the experience to be able to do what it takes to make an online model work.

Unless you’re a celebrity, or have a TON of followers, going online is going to mean you need to be a master of marketing to make it work.

You’re going to need a ton of spare cash to invest into marketing to even go close to replacing your current 1:1 income.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you just can’t set up a landing page and expect people will buy your $50/month membership.

You’re going to need to actually sell it as well — which you don’t have time for, because you’re tapped out with clients already.

You’re far better of leveraging in the gym. In person. But most trainers get this horribly wrong and build low cost, low value group classes.

What if there was an easier way?

What if you could get the leverage you wanted without having to go online at all. What if you could do it in your current gym, right now – with the skills you already have.

There’s a number of options available to your fingertips that right now you’re leaving on the table.

So, if you’d like to learn the options available to you, we created a report 7 highly profitable business models that you can roll out in your gym right now.

Models that you can implement with your current clients to gain leverage so you’re not doing as many hours on the floor – so you can up-skill and build the business you really want.






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