Mark Buckley

Founder, FMA Strength Institute

I’m the founder of the FMA Strength Institute in Australia. I love to travel the world teaching trainers how to bridge the gap between rehabilitation and S&C through my unique style of infotainment (lecturing meets bad stand up)

Facts About Me

  • I am the founder of the FMA Strength Institute in Australia
  • I worked as the head of musculoskeletal rehabilitation in a hospital for 2 years managing a whole host of injuries
  • I am best known for working with athletes and bridging the gap between rehabilitation and S&C
  • I have the annoying habit of laughing at my own jokes
  • I have been voted the best looking trainer in the world (by my wife)
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ‘cumming’ quote (Pumping Iron, 1977) was my motivation to take up bodybuilding as a teenager
  • Caffeine is my drug of choice (yes I am a coffee snob)


Director, FMA Strength Institute

I’m the product of learning and teaching for FMA for over 5 years. FMA has been the biggest influence in helping me become a high-value coach. Now I get to do what I love most, which is give back through teaching and mentoring FMA students. Thankfully I didn’t learn my jokes from Buckley, so mine might be slightly better :)